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1.  The most important reason is to help and encourage people to
overcome their health issues via NAET and get them back to
leading “normal” lives.

2.  I am not in this to make a living, etc…NAET has helped me
tremendously and if I help only one other person, then this site
has done its job.

3.  I also wish to help people who have just been introduced to
NAET get an idea for the “power”  and the possibilities

4.  I want this site to become an exchange of experiences, both
good and bad, that people have had with NAET.

5.  I’d like this site to point people who are searching for more
information in the right direction. You can check out a NAET home remedy
that is a good option for people not wanting to go to multiple doctor visits.

6.  We’re here to help connect both future patients and
practitioners of NAET.

7.  Although I am not an expert, I will do my best to answer any
questions that come my way.


To further understand why I’m doing this I encourage you to read my story.  It explains why I am forever in debt to this practice.

Please share your stories, opinions and questions…I encourage both the good and bad.  For the time being, until I get a forum set up on the site, please e-mail me @ w/ the subjet line “NAET Story.”  If you don’t want your comments published please let me know.